WordPress Developer Training

Comprehensive developer training, led by expert developers on the WordPress.com VIP team. You’ll be able to interact first-hand with the developers who are scaling WordPress to millions of users and are actively contributing to core WordPress development!

We’ll teach developers how to build for large-scale WordPress sites, tools for debugging and troubleshooting, and ways to future-proof your site with proper coding “The WordPress Way.” We’ll work with your team to craft a custom curriculum taking into account your site’s needs and the participants’ skill levels.

Some popular training areas of focus:

  • Front-end design, themes, user experience
  • Back-end functionality & data organization
  • Administrator tools & functions
  • Optimization & caching
  • Security
  • Implementing new core WordPress features
  • Theme and plugin code review
  • Social features
  • WordPress coding standards
  • Custom post types and post formats
  • Mobile themes

If you’re interested in booking developer training, please get in touch.

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Let us lead the way. We’ll help you select a top tier development partner. We’ll train your developers, operations, infrastructure, and editorial teams. We’ll coarchitect your deployment processes. We will provide live support for peak events. We’ll help your people avoid dark alleys and blind corners, and reduce wasted cycles.